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After 19 years as a subscriber, I’m dumping my Consumer Reports iPad subscription because I’ve been locked out of my subscription 3 times, including 6 weeks this year alone, with useless customer service from Consumer Reports, and no apology or compensation for lost access.

A company that holds themselves up as the judge of product quality and customer service must themselves be above reproach. Consumer Reports fails miserably on both counts.

I’ve repeatedly used Consumer Reports own terms against them. I rate them “Much Worse Than Average” and issue a “Do Not Buy” warning to others.

While the iPad app is decent when the content is available, they just do not care if you can’t access it. At USD$25 a year, there is no way I will reward their callousness with my money any more. They’ve proven that they will show zero loyalty to long-time subscribers.

So I say to Consumer Reports, goodbye and Siooma (Google that last term).

Author: Tom

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