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This is a reply to this tweet and the comments in the linked article.

@RessyM @TSI_Marc The idea to check bandwidth usage is noble but in December my movie purchases resulted in 100’s of GB of down/up data. As a cord-cutter I rely on Netflix, Apple TV, video podcasts, and streaming media direct from web sites. That means I’m a heavy user and am not likely to notice a few extra GB.

As for securing my router, how is anything truly secure these days? My firewall is constantly recording probes for known Linksys router vulnerabilities. What about the unknown ones? I’m not a security guru so I don’t monitor the latest exploits out there. My router could be compromised and I would likely not even notice it. My main concern is that they get into my network and compromise my computers. If the router or computers are used as a proxy to retrieve copyrighted content but falls within the noise level of my normal bandwidth usage, I’m just not going to know.

And now that I’ve enabled Zap-the-Cap, I’m even less likely to monitor my bandwidth.

So what do I do should I get a notice? Change the password on my router? Call TekSavvy and ask for a new IP address? If my router has been compromised, even at a new IP address, it will just be found again as the bots scan the Internet.

If companies like Sony, with their billions of dollars, can’t secure their network, what possible hope does the average consumer have?

Update 2015-01-09:

I also get regular attacks of:

GET /rom-0

This is an apparent vulnerability in routers running ZyNOS firmware that allows the attacker access to the router configuration information including userid and password. My router doesn’t run that firmware so it is not susceptible. But what about those who are? No doubt there are many other exploits.

My point is that an IP address simply cannot be tied to an individual.

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