I will never buy another iPad magazine subscription

I’ve only ever purchased two magazines. I’ve unsubscribed from one, and the other I cannot update the app.

I’ve already unsubscribed from Consumer Reports after being a subscriber for 19 years because they held my content hostage for 14 weeks over 3 incidents. They never acknowledged it, when called they blamed Apple, they never compensated for the outage time, and they never apologized. Simply the worst customer service from an organization that holds other companies to a much higher standard than themselves.

The second magazine app is quite poor. The content is designed for the print magazine so many articles are spread across two pages requiring constant zooming and scrolling. It doesn’t remember which issue you’re reading. If you bookmark a page there’s no way to remove the bookmark. Turning to a new page on an iPad 3 takes 8 (eight) seconds. I’m not kidding.

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The Watch doesn’t suck

I demoed and tried on the Watch and came away impressed. I wasn’t expecting to be so after reading several reviews, and taking the fanboy reviews with a grain of salt.

For a first gen watch, this is amazing technology. Being a previous owner of an MSN Spot watch (loved it right up until Microsoft killed the broadcast service it depended upon), and a Pebble owner for two weeks before I returned it to the store, and a long time dumb-watch user, I have certain expectations.

Right up front I’ve got to say though that the pricing is just too rich for my blood. That’s not a criticism. I think when you pack this much effort into the design of a wearable device, it’s not going to be cheap. No, I’ve never used an Android Wear watch so I can’t compare. Sorry.

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