Apple Notes

I’ve moved my 7,552 Apple-related tweets from Twitter to a Google calendar to make it visible how bad things are. This will keep my timeline less of a bitch session that’s pushed at people. People can now look at the calendar when they’re interested and marvel at the number of problems, and how frequently one person experiences them.

@RBC_Canada’s credit card purchase alerting system problem

I’m disappointed @RBC_Canada isn’t concerned about a serious problem with their credit card purchase alerting system.

I called to report what I consider to be a serious problem and was told by the agent to “turn it off and on again.” Fans of The I.T. Crowd TV series will find that particularly amusing.

Details follow, but it turns out there were two problems. The first is that the text message I received immediately after making a purchase listed the wrong store location. Oops! The second problem is that a second alert received two days later, although for the correct store number, was spurious. No purchase has been recorded online today.

When a credit card alerting system is providing incorrect information and then an incorrect alert, it’s a serious problem IMHO. If it’s crying wolf then the alerts for unexpected purchases would soon be ignored and then the system is worthless. Hey RBC, this needs to be taken seriously and fixed.

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