The @Netflix_CA vs @Unblock_US war

I removed my payment method from Unblock_Us so they can’t auto-renew. My Netflix subscription will be held after the queue is depleted.

So Netflix is winning the geo-blocking war with Unblock-US and similar services. For now—maybe forever. Given Netflix’s resources, I think they’ll win this battle and I’ll be out 9 months of my yearly subscription fee* because Unblock-US will just fold. Twitter is on fire already with angry people who can’t get a response from Unblock_US let alone a refund. Any technical solution Unblock_US finds, Netflix will be sure to thwart in a short time.

I’m not going to discuss the morality of geo-blocking. The fact that I use Unblock-US already tells you what I think of it. The bottom line is that Canadian content providers or licensees get paid with my Canadian subscription regardless of what content I actually watch.

While Netflix has the right to geo-block leaving us with a fraction of their content, it was already getting bad. And Netflix Canada is 25% the size of the U.S. library last I heard. If I was having trouble finding enough watchable content on U.S. Netflix then it won’t be long before I run out of stuff from Canada. My daughter and son-in-law use our subscription too. If they want to continue after my wife and I are ready to hold the subscription, I guess they’ll need to get their own subscription (no, I’m sure Netflix won’t let them port their viewing history).

While the content providers keep their heads firmly up their 20th century asses, my viewing behaviour will adapt. If Netflix becomes unusable, it’s gone. There are many other sources of content and I’ll simply give my money to the company that has content I want to watch.

* Well, I do use it to access PBS and other U.S. apps on the Apple TV too, so it won’t be a total waste. But there’s no point in renewing since I can just switch to a VPN on my Mac mini and access PBS that way. The Apple TV’s U.S. channels almost always require a subscription, and I never watch the free ones anyway so no great loss.

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