The @NeatCompany cowardly discontinued support

of their buggy Neat desktop scanner s/w without informing their customers. Their “announcement” is buried on a support page that you have to know is there and go looking for it. No email to registered customers. No tweet on their Twitter account.

It’s so bad that their El Capitan support page (as of 2016-04-05) not only doesn’t acknowledge that they’ve dropped support, it says,

Neat Engineers are continuing to work diligently on issues that have presented themselves with the new Mac 10.11 release.  In an effort to resolve some of the key issues, we are offering users a PRE-RELEASE download of the next full Mac version, 4.5.

Update 2016-04-25: They since released a “fix” that is really just an older version from an unregistered developer. Sigh.

Well, that pre-release has been out since January 31st and they didn’t fix the crashes that make it very iffy to actually get your scans done. So Neat didn’t have the decency to end support after they had a stable product. And they’re too lazy to even update their support page. Wow!

I only found out about them dropping support because I searched Twitter to see what others were saying about Neat after I experienced numerous crashes. I found this article, “Life After Neat Desktop (for Mac or Windows)

Consider Neat’s level of support and communication with their customers if you’re thinking about using Neat’s cloud subscription. Given Neat desktop’s sordid history of bugs and crashes, I’m not surprised they threw in the towel, but at least they should have the decency to inform their customers and give them time to find alternatives. I found out about it today after they claimed they ended downloads on March 31st, not that they actually fixed anything since January. According to the article above, they’re still available and he cached copies too.

There is no way in Hell I would trust Neat’s cloud services to be reliable, secure, or private. They haven’t earned my trust. Just the opposite.

The author of the above article says that Paperless is the leading alternative, but it hasn’t been updated since October 8, 2014. I tried it out and its workflow is awful. I won’t go into details, but it was far worse than Neat’s, and that’s saying a lot.

I’m still considering my options.

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