CrashPlan is like a teenager

in that it doesn’t do what you tell it to do.

It’s supposed to be backing up to two sets; the first one in the image is to the cloud and is a subset of the second one. So why does CrashPlan say it’s only going to backup 1 GB instead of the 150 GB it’s been told to backup?

CrashPlan Fuckup

This is after I forced it to rescan when it told me it was only going to backup a 1000 files. When I left it, it was scanning well past that number, yet it didn’t back them up. So, for the umpteenth time this year I have to babysit CrashPlan to figure out why it’s being so petulant.

Several times this year already, CrashPlan has started over from scratch with my daughter’s computer. That’s a waste of time and data cap, and worse, it doesn’t backup her most recently modified files first. Because the initial backup almost never finishes, it’s not backing up the new files.

Then Microsoft Word deleted a file so, no problem, we’ll just recover from the latest hourly backup. Except CrashPlan hadn’t even backed up the file for days because it was still running the initial backup. Fortunately, we recovered from an older version of Time Machine (she plugs its disk into her laptop once a day).

Code42, the brainchilds behind CrashPlan, will be releasing a new version in the middle of the month. One thing I’m 99% sure about is that it will be no more reliable than previous generations. Code42 simply doesn’t know how to build in stability. They’ve proven that over and over again.

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