“Look at me! I’m an asshole!”

This dipshit’s car was spotted outside the busy Edgewater Rd Wendy’s in Kanata on May 15th at 13:35. Note the licence plate, THX2PAPA. Talk about an entitled prick. I guess his first choice of DIPSHIT was taken.


Other than grannies who’ve had their licence plate given to them as a gift, have you ever seen a vanity licence plate on a car that wasn’t driven by some entitled dick? I’m sure they’re out there, and I hope to see one someday.

I remember a guy I worked with who drove a beat up old Land Rover. Whenever he saw some guy at work who bought a new car and parked it all alone in the far reaches of the parking lot so it wouldn’t get scratched, he’d park his wreck right beside the driver’s door so the owner would have to enter the passenger’s side and climb into the driver’s seat, and then carefully back out so that he wouldn’t get any Land Rover rust on his new car.

Man, I wish I owned a wreck too. Or maybe carry a couple of these around for special occasions to put behind the tires:


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