macOS Sierra’s nickname is…

I try to give the latest OS X an “affectionate” nickname because the reality seldom matches the promise. Remember when Snow Leopard was supposed to be mainly a bug fix version of the truly awful Leopard. I do. It was so bad I nicknamed it, “Yellow Snow Leopard” for obvious reasons.

El KabongLion became Lyin’, Mountain Lion became Cougar because it was a tired old OS with some lipstick and a new hairdo, but my favourite was El Capitan that I refer to as El Kabong, channeling one of my favourite cartoon characters, Quickdraw McGraw’s alter-ego (remember QuickDraw?).

Now that Apple is dropping OS X for macOS with the 2016 version being called macOS Sierra, I must come up with another nickname. I will give Sierra a chance to prove that it’s unlike its predecessors and is really a stable OS, but that’s highly unlikely given Apple’s track record.

I used to have a great dog, part German Shepherd, part Collie that we named, Sierra. I don’t want that name tarnished by another crappy OS so…

…should the need arise, macOS Sierra will be referred to as macOS Siooma.

Author: Tom

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