The problem with reporting aggressive driving

You may have seen signs on the road asking you to call 9-1-1 to report impaired drivers, or the following image tweeted out by Ottawa Police asking us to “Report aggressive driving.”:


There’s one major flaw that the signs and poster don’t warn you about. You need to have a description of the driver. Trying to get that description could put you in danger. Here are all the requirements to report an aggressive driver.

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1000/500/unlimited for €40

… but not in Canada.

In Finland they offer 1 Gbps down, 500 Mbps up, unlimited data for a measly €40 (CA$57.52) per month. Skip to 1:53.

I’m currently paying TekSavvy $62 for just 45/4/400. This is an obscene amount of money, but it’s still better than the telecartels for those speeds.

The Bell telecartel in Canada offers 940/100/unl for $150, just three times the price for one fifth the upstream bandwidth.Bell Gbps

The Rogers telecartel offers 1000/50/unl for $150, yes … just one tenth(!) the upstream bandwidth for three times the price as Finland.Rogers Gbps