TekSavvy lost a customer today

… partially due to a disconnect between their front-line agents and their retention department.

I have 45/4/400 $62 service with TekSavvy (TSI), and Rogers offered 100/10/unl for $65, but with a 2-year lock-in.

After tweeting that out I was told by TSI’s Twitter account that they could not price match.screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-14-46-54
I called TSI’s sales department and they reiterated that they will not price match and they made no other offer to retain me. They didn’t offer to knock a few bucks off, bump my service for a good price, increase my data cap (0 cost since I’ve never maxed out), or even lock in my current price so I wouldn’t have to worry about a price increase after Rogers’ offer expired, which would have added insult to injury. TSI made rumblings earlier this year that they were going to raise rates but they didn’t for my package. But I assumed I was living on borrowed time.

TSI offered nothing. They did not make me feel like a valued customer.

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