Rogers billing saga and it’s only my first bill!

I left TekSavvy in late September because Rogers was offering 2.5 times the speeds of my TSI plan and unlimited data for just $3/month extra. From past history I knew there were going to be billing problems because that’s the only thing Rogers excels at. So here’s what has happened with just my first bill (so far):

  • The sales agent says he’ll waive the $50 installation and $15 sign-up fees. The monthly payment should be $64.99 + 13% HST = $73.44.
  • Before installation even happens I get an email saying my first bill will be $146.82. WTF?
  • I Call Rogers and they claim that I will be billed for 2 months up front. That was never disclosed and it’s idiotic anyway. Besides, 2 * $73.44 is $146.88. It’s only 6¢ different but what the hell, don’t they use computers?
  • Then I log on to my Rogers account. They gave me a new account number even though they know about my old account. The balance owing is $90.33 because they didn’t waive the sign-up fee. Notice it wasn’t the $146.88 the email claimed it would be?
  • Call Rogers again. They removed the sign-up fee.
  • Then I check the billing site again and find they did remove the sign-up fee, but not the HST on that fee! They’re so inventive in the ways they deliberately screw up. My new balance is now $75.38. They incorrectly charged me $1.94 extra. Screw it. I’m not fighting that. Hmm … multiplied by every person who signs up …
  • The day before the due date I tried to make a payment using their web site and paying with my credit card. Their sucky web site won’t allow me to use my password manager to fill in my credit card details so I have to do it manually. Submit and something flashed by too fast to see and I was thrown back to the login screen. I logged in and saw that the balance was still $75.38. I checked the payment history. It said there was none.
  • I waited several hours and checked again. Still showed a positive balance. Tried to check my credit card’s authorized charges but their web site was having problems.
  • At 3 PM I called Rogers again and they confirmed they didn’t have any record of payment so while the agent was on the line I submitted another payment from their web site. This time I saw a confirmation dialog. When I returned to the overview page, the balance was still positive. The agent said it should have gone to zero immediately but she didn’t see it change either. Then I got a text message from my bank saying the charge had gone through. So half of Rogers billing system knew I had paid and the other half did not. The agent said I would get a confirmation email but I could check later and if I was double-billed I just needed to call back. Do you see what they’re doing? They’re trying everything they can to frustrate users so they give up and don’t fight the billing overcharges. And why is it that in all the years I’ve been a Rogers customer counting the time before I left and returned, that billing errors are always in their favour?
  • So I checked at about 1 AM this morning and the balance was still positive. Hours later and no payment confirmation email has been received. I was ready to call them later today and prepare for another fight.
  • I checked again at 10:30 AM and my balance was now zero. Finally! But, and there’s always a “but” when it comes to Rogers, my payment history was empty. And still no email confirmation.

Now some might claim that Rogers is simply incompetent with billing and nothing has changed for the years. I don’t believe that. I believe this is a willful attempt by Rogers to over-bill and frustrate users so they give up trying to fight it. Oh sure, Rogers is always accommodating and willing to “correct” the charges. Because they’ve been caught and they have no defence.

If it’s like when I was first a customer I will have to contest every single billing error until they set the “Don’t try to gouge this guy because he checks every damn bill” flag on my account.

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