Is Apple killing macOS automation?

Here is the feedback I left Apple …

I see you essentially fired Sal Soghoian and without further comment from you it looks like you’re saying that the future of automation on the Mac is dead. Your strategy to purge pros from your customer base continues to progress on schedule.

No Mac Pro updates, no Mac mini updates, laughable MacBook “Pro” updates, a Server app that keeps getting dumbed down each release, USB disks that don’t mount on Sierra, no major enhancements to AppleScript and Automator that pros depend on. Hell, you don’t even fix the outstanding bugs.

I just wish Tim had the balls to come out and say, “Dear pros, seriously, WTF? We don’t want you anymore. You won’t let us commit product lunacy without whining. Get lost. Just leave. Ingrates.”

Is @JonyIveParody your official account now?

Author: Tom

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