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2017-02-11 & 14: See updates below.

It’s been over a month since I contacted Canadian Blood Services with a complaint about a 45 minute delay during my appointment. Appointments serve no purpose if you don’t even come close to meeting the scheduled time. I was told, “…someone will follow up with you again shortly…”.

This is the third time I’ve had to file a complaint on different matters with CBS since 2005, one being a serious privacy issue that got their lawyers involved and resulted in major changes to donor privacy rules. Each time I was promised a quick reply. Each time I was ignored until I nagged them. Well, I haven’t nagged them this time yet. I’m giving them extra time due to the holidays, but come on … three weeks into January and you can’t respond to a regular donor’s concerns?!

After the second ignored complaint, I stopped donating for a few years. That didn’t seem to bother them; losing a regular donor after 117 donations.

I’m going to wait until after my next donation in mid-February. That will be over 8 weeks since I contacted them. If I don’t hear from them before that time, it will be my final lifetime donation at 130. I won’t give them any more chances. It’s the “3 strikes and you’re out” rule.

I attend every clinic in my area. When there is no clinic and I’m eligible to donate again, I drive 30 minutes one-way to the main clinic. I make an effort to donate. 96.6% of the population doesn’t. Yet CBS, apparently, isn’t interested in responding to a long-time, regular donor.

They simply don’t value their donor’s time. We’re volunteers giving our time and spending our gas money to drive to the clinics. Do we do it for the free cookies? Yeah, right. We do it because it’s the right thing to do. We don’t expect rewards but I, at least, require some respect. Respect for the time I put in and respect for the valid concerns I raise.

“It’s not in us to give back”

If you’re from the CBS and reading this then maybe you should light a fire under your donor relations team. They are consistently failing to support this one donor. I’m not even asking you to agree with the concerns I raise, just the decency of a reply.

Update 2017-02-11:

I received a voice message on my Ooma voice mail. The call went straight to voice mail instead of ringing through. Why? The only reason is that I subscribe to the Nomorobo and Ooma community block lists. It looks like the CBS number, 888-236-6283, has wound up on one of those block lists. Numbers are put on block lists because enough people have complained about spam calls.

Ooma gives us the option on how to handle blacklisted numbers. I used to outright block them but lately I’ve routed them to voice mail. CBS was the only one that left a message.

The message was from an auto-dialler. CBS is using a dumb one. Those are the kind that don’t wait for the voice mail greeting to finish before they start spewing their message. As a result, the first part of the message identifying the caller was cut off, but it was obvious from the message content it was CBS. They were reminding me about my appointment. For the third damn time … after I’d already confirmed to them that I would be attending.

Then I Googled the number to see what others are saying about them. Apparently they fundraise from that number and get pushy trying to get people to donate and won’t take no for an answer, instead calling back repeatedly. No wonder they wound up on the block list.

This is all troubling because CBS is having even more difficulty finding donors. A trouble of their own making. They have reduced the frequency that woman can donate.

New iron guidelines leaves Canadian Blood Services scrambling to find new donors

Update 2017-02-14:

My final donation was made last night with Canadian Blood Services. My appointment time was 5:20 PM, just 20 minutes from when they opened. Yet they were already running 7 minutes late. That’s 21 minutes per hour and, no surprise, closely matches the 45 minute delay for my previous 7:20 PM appointment. Yes, CBS really does slip ~20 minutes/hour. And they don’t care.

When I was being checked prior to donation I mentioned the perpetual lateness of appointments and was told that, just like hotels and airlines, they overbook to allow for cancellations and no-shows. But when they misjudge and people actually show up, appointments slip dramatically throughout the night. For people with appointments near the end, we see a lengthy delay. Too bad.

So I emailed CBS today that because it’s not worth their time to reply to any of my concerns since 2005, it wasn’t worth my time to remain a blood donor. I also instructed them not to contact me again. It’s a toss up if they’ll respect my no contact request because they’re ignoring me, or contact me because they don’t respect my no contact request. 😏

I’m just happy to be done with these people.

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  1. I’m at a clinic right now donating for the first time in 3 years… I stopped for the same reason as you did, I felt they didn’t value my time. When I arrived they said 75 minutes total including donation and I can still hear them saying the same to new arrivals. I’ve been waiting an hour to have my questionnaire questions and they’ve gone through 7 of the 11 questionnaire waiters in front of me so far. I’m going to end up losing my whole afternoon to this with 2 hours sitting waiting.. and it will probably be my last donation for a few more years.

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