Arq Backup—Too Many, Too Fast

Too many SFTP connections, too fast that is.

After configuring an SFTP destination, Arq 5.10 opens and closes multiple SFTP connections per second while backing up. This causes my web hosting service,, to treat Arq as if it’s doing a Denial of Service attack (which it sort of is), and blocks further connections resulting in most backups failing. I get maybe one backup a month that makes it through.

It was working when I first bought Arq 5.0, then it was broken, I reported the problem, it was fixed, then broken again. After my last report support replied in July,

I’m afraid Arq is going to need multiple SFTP connections.

So the developer refuses to fix the problem. I can’t remember the number of file transfer apps I’ve used over the years to access 1and1’s servers without an issue. Arq is the only app that will not work, and it’s design intent.

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