Patience, young grasshopper

I installed a program recently that overwrote some scripts in a folder. Scripts that I had already customized. I guess the developer thought, “Hey, if Apple can overwrite user customizations with impunity, then so can I.” They should have simply renamed the original files, but that would have taken an extra line or two of code.

No problem, I’ll restore from Time Machine. Hmm… Time Machine won’t launch. Oh, it seems it’s still running. The app always used to run at the same time allowing restores while backing up, but maybe this is yet another Apple “improvement.” I’ll wait.

Nope. Time Machine still won’t launch. I’ll worry later about fixing another of the never-ending bugs in macOS High Sierra—or as I like to call it—macOS Stoner. In the meantime I guess I’ll have to resort to using Arq Backup. And into the rabbit hole I fall…

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