Apple Notes

(Note I abandoned this calendar in September 2016 because it was too much work to maintain given the volume of problems with Apple hardware and software.)

Originally from my Twitter feed, these are all my tweets about Apple products and services. Look at the description of the entry to see the details (any images or links to any of my other Twitter posts are broken because I delete my old Twitter posts monthly). Initially I just dumped all tweets into the calendar. From now on I’m documenting the ongoing serious to minor bugs I face with Apple products and services on an almost daily basis.

While I’m happy that the tech press is getting over their fear of being blocked from attending Apple announcements and are starting to report some (and I mean a tiny fraction) of the bugs that exists in Apple gear, you can see from this calendar what just one person encounters.

I wrote a polite letter to Tim Cook challenging him to send a team of people to my home and not let them leave until no bugs were reported for just one week. Apple’s response was to block my email address. With their internal bug tracking database only they know how bad things are and how sisyphean a task it would be.

You may think that one person couldn’t possibly experience these kinds of bugs unless they were hacking the system and disrupting it. Nope. I’m just a user.