Oh Yosemite…

BBEdit could no longer open Perl documentation inline. The Unix perldoc command, that BBEdit depends on, had no execute permissions. How permissions keep getting broken in OS X is one of Apple’s “endearing” mysteries.

No problemo…I’ll just run Disk Utility’s Repair Permissions command. It doesn’t indicate anything relevant has been updated but, sure enough, the execute permissions for perldoc and other commands have been fixed. Is Apple too embarrassed to list all the broken permissions it’s fixing?

Tried my first 3D movie on my TV. Now I know why it never made it.

First I tried the Apple TV 2, an old 720p version, sending it to my Samsung F8000 TV. The TV asked me if the image was encoded side-by-side or over-under. I selected over-under, turned on the glasses and it worked—sort of. I had to flip the L-R polarity first, then I cranked up the brightness to Dynamic to offset the glass’ filter and that each eye was only seeing half the total brightness.

Next I tried using the Plex app that runs directly on the Samsung TV’s so-called SmartHub (although there’s nothing smart about it). It didn’t even know the video was in 3D so there was no way to set the display correctly.

I know for certaint that non-techie people would never figure this out. Maybe if all they had to do was pop in a Blu-ray disc and the player and TV sorted everything out, fine.

But with having to select the 3D mode, adjust brightness, turn on the glasses, flip the polarity, and this only works with the Apple TV and not Samsung’s app, well, this crapola is not for mortals.

One last thing. Samsung’s active 3D glasses use CR2025 batteries. I’ve only played with one set of glasses and already the battery is nearly dead while sitting in the box since February. Never buy replacement batteries from The Source (a Bell company). They charge 5-10 times the price you can order online from Amazon.ca.

@OttawaPolice I won’t bother.

#SaferRoads Find out how to report aggressive drivers online: http://t.co/ZYOwwLNrn3 #otttraffic #ottawa #ottcity http://t.co/Nh9kqnrmiB2014-12-16 13:50

I had a car cut off my motorcycle by surging ahead beyond the right merge lane forcing me to brake. I got the licence number, saw an officer on a traffic stop, waited until he was finished, and made the report. He didn’t even take notes. He basically said that without a description of the driver nothing would happen.

There was no way I was going to try to drive up beside this guy in the oncoming lane to get a look at who was driving. I’m not suicidal.

So nothing came of it. Not even a warning to the driver. That’s why I won’t bother to report aggressive drivers. It’s a waste of my time.

Siooma @ConsumerReports

After 19 years as a subscriber, I’m dumping my Consumer Reports iPad subscription because I’ve been locked out of my subscription 3 times, including 6 weeks this year alone, with useless customer service from Consumer Reports, and no apology or compensation for lost access.

A company that holds themselves up as the judge of product quality and customer service must themselves be above reproach. Consumer Reports fails miserably on both counts.

I’ve repeatedly used Consumer Reports own terms against them. I rate them “Much Worse Than Average” and issue a “Do Not Buy” warning to others.

While the iPad app is decent when the content is available, they just do not care if you can’t access it. At USD$25 a year, there is no way I will reward their callousness with my money any more. They’ve proven that they will show zero loyalty to long-time subscribers.

So I say to Consumer Reports, goodbye and Siooma (Google that last term).