OS X runaway process bug fixed?

Update 2016-04-25: Yes, but not because of what you read below. See this post.

I’ve been experiencing this bug in OS X for so long that I don’t remember if it arrived with El Capitan, or earlier.

Four processes decide periodically to consume a combined 250% CPU: UserEventAgent, launchd, cfprefsd, and mds_stores. The fan starts blowing and the file system is being hammered hundreds or thousands of times a second by cfprefsd.

The Terminal command: sudo fs_usage pid <cfprefsd’s pid> shows lines screaming by on the screen with a .plist file being accessed every few microseconds, a new one created with a temporary suffix, and then renamed back to .plist. I don’t know if that’s happening on the hard drive or the SSD, but if it was on the SSD it’s probably lost a lot of life given how frequently this bug crops up and how long it runs. I often reboot after 12-16 hours and that sometimes fixes the problem—temporarily.

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